Conserving Water in Scottsdale, Arizona: The Ban on Natural Grass and Effective Water Conservation Measures

In the arid landscape of Scottsdale, Arizona, water conservation has become a pressing concern. With drought conditions persisting and temperatures soaring, the Scottsdale City Council has taken a significant step toward water sustainability. In this blog post, we will explore the new ordinance that bans natural grass in front of future single-family homes and delve into the water conservation efforts in Scottsdale. Discover how these measures aim to set an example for other communities while preserving the beauty and functionality of the neighborhoods.

The New Ordinance:
A Step Towards Water Conservation

The Scottsdale City Council unanimously approved a groundbreaking ordinance that prohibits the use of natural grass in front yards of new single-family homes. Effective August 15, this measure aims to conserve water resources and lead the way in water conservation practices. With overwhelming support from Scottsdale Water customers, the ordinance sets a precedent for other regional communities to prioritize sustainable water management.

Water Conservation Efforts in Arizona 
Arizona has been grappling with drought conditions and groundwater shortages for years. In response to these challenges, the state has implemented various measures to conserve water. Recently, limits on construction in the Phoenix area were announced due to the rapid depletion of groundwater. Additionally, Scottsdale has been encouraging residents to reduce water usage, leading to significant savings of approximately 657 million gallons of water. These proactive steps underscore the urgent need to address the long-term drought affecting Arizona.

Impact of the Ban on Natural Grass
By prohibiting the use of natural grass in front yards of new homes, Scottsdale expects to achieve substantial water savings. This measure not only conserves water but also supports responsible water usage and promotes neighborhood aesthetics. The ban aligns with Scottsdale Water’s existing rebate programs that offer water-saving options, fostering a culture of sustainable water management.

Additional Water Conservation Measures
In addition to the ban on natural grass, Scottsdale has taken further steps toward water conservation. Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are now prohibited from mandating overseeding of lawns, allowing homeowners to choose not to overseed and save significant amounts of water. This initiative has seen positive responses from homeowners and HOAs, leading to lower water bills, reduced maintenance, and increased water conservation.

Achieving Positive Results 
The success of water conservation efforts in Scottsdale is evident through tangible outcomes. Homeowners who opted not to oversee their lawns have experienced healthier Bermuda grass, lower weed growth, and decreased herbicide usage. HOAs, such as Montage HOA, have reported impressive water savings and reduced irrigation usage. These results reinforce the effectiveness of water conservation initiatives.

Scottsdale’s commitment to sustainable water management is exemplified by the ban on natural grass and other water conservation measures. By taking these proactive steps, Scottsdale aims to conserve water resources and inspire other communities to follow suit. Through collective efforts, we can preserve our precious water resources while maintaining the beauty and functionality of our neighborhoods. Join Scottsdale in the journey toward a sustainable future.