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Keven hand picks our designers. It’s through their eyes and experience your vision becomes a reality. They share Keven’s design ethic: create a unique space that reflects its surroundings, your vision and your budget. Customers tell us they feel different–better–in the landscapes we create. These guys are a big reason why. Feel free to request the person you feel may work best with you.


Fred Scott grew up in Texas where people there are doers. He brags about his lovely bride Michelle ( math teacher), 3 beautiful daughters and 6 grand children. He doesn’t mind telling you about them either, if you happen to ask. His talents in design became obvious in ’86 when he got in to the business of landscape design and sales. He has an uncanny eye for what looks good, combines functionality and good ‘ole Texas common sense. That combination makes his designs very distinguished and recognizable. He prides himself on listening to his customers and designing within those means adding his flair of course. He doesn’t mind giving his opinions and telling you what has worked best in his 31 years of experience.

Shirley HooverShirley Hoover (CREATIVE DESIGNER)

Shirley Hoover, Custom Residential Landscape Designer. A creative, imaginative hippie-like individual, Shirley has 14 years of experience designing custom residential landscapes in the greater phoenix area. Her career as a Landscape Designer officially began in 2003 following a 20-year career as a Travel Consultant. At a young age, Shirley’s artistic talents were obvious as was her outgoing personality. She grew up in the states of Florida, Ohio, and New York finally settling in Ohio in the late 80’s, marrying and having 2 sons. Mom, sons and 3 Tonka trucks between them with a pile of dirt was all it took for Shirley to begin developing her ideal profession; but it wouldn’t happen overnight. In fact, it wouldn’t happen for another decade. The 90’s were busy years. Shirley became a Master Basket Weaver, opened a gift shop, ran children to sports activities and by the mid 90’s returned to the Travel Industry as a single mom. Spring thru Fall, Shirley continued to develop her knowledge of plant material and studied landscape design under an Ohio State University Professor. Getting her hands dirty, digging holes, spreading mulch, and planting seasons bursting with vibrant colors became her longing desire. In 2003, it became a reality. Shirley packed up and moved to Arizona where a local Landscape Company gave her the opportunity to fulfill her dreams – based not on experience but on true passion. Today, with years of experience, her passion has not wavered. Shirley credits much of her success to her creative imagination, attention to detail and her communication and customer service skills. Shirley considers each project, regardless of size, to be of equal importance. Furthermore, Shirley knows that her design, regardless of how creatively detailed, is not worth a penny more than the paper it’s printed on unless brought to life by the hands of a company where quality workmanship is the expectation. If this bio was to be kept to 100 words or less… no one told the author 😊


Jordan is one of those guys who has an infectious great attitude always happy and glad to see you. His passion for the industry as well as his design capabilities will be obvious the first time you meet him. He has a fresh look at an ever changing landscape ( no pun intended ) and he listens. A lost quality these days. He has been trained and personally mentored by the legendary Fred Scott, infamous Shirley Hoover  and  Keven himself. I’ll bet after your first meeting you can be counted as the many who say  “we luv Jordan’